San Diego seller's market

I was so frustrated by the real estate market today that I wrote a book on the best ideas for dealing with it. If you’ve read my other posts and books then you know it’s all practical ideas that work in real life. No fluff, no ghost written corporate BS.

Here’s what you’ll get in this free book:

For Buyers:

How to find a house when there is no inventory

How to make sure your offer is the one accepted

How to compete with cash offers when you’re getting a loan

How to buy when properties sell before you can even see them

For Sellers:

How to force multiple offers

How to make sure there is a house for you to buy after you sell

For Investors:

How you can still find cash flowing properties

How to wipe out most competing investors

How to force appreciation

There’s just one hitch – I can’t just email you this proprietary information. You will need to call me or stop by the office. Why? Because these techniques are so powerful I don’t want my competitors to use them against me! So I’m distributing a limited number of hard copies only. If you would like one I suggest you contact me today and reserve yours.